These paintings might best be assigned to the Magic Realist style deeply influenced by the Regionalist works of Thomas Hart Benton, Edward Hopper, Grant Wood, and the Regionalist landscapes of Maxfield Parrish. Maxfield Parrish created a perfected natural world in paintings like Hunt Farm. In 1914, he wrote in a letter to patron Gertrude Whitney:

"Thank you for allowing me to use colors rich and deep...now that I have, I don't think I'll ever go back."

ASPET, A PERFECT DAY is an emulation of Parrish's perfected natural landscapes around Cornish, New Hampshire. The cloud echoes the shape of an exaggerated honey locust tree to shelter the home of Parrish's neighbor, Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Mount Ascutney rises in the distance behind the house.

Aspet, a Perfect Day